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Presentations, Papers, Events, and Awards

Memorial Lectures

October 8, 2015  Annual Bill Bechill and Daniel Thursz Memorial Lecture
Exploring the past and future of the Great Society Programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act
Rob Hudson, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Welfare
Policy, Boston University School of Social Work
Percil Stanford, PhD, President, KIND Corporation, President, Folding Voice LLC

October 24, 2013  Third Biennial Daniel Thursz Memorial Lecture
Aging in a Majority-Minority Nation: Intergenerational Tensions and Opportunties 
Fernando Torres-Gil, PhD
Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy, Director of the Center for Policy Research on Aging, UCLA

October 4, 2012   Third Biennial Bill Bechill Memorial Lecture
Recognizing Elder Abuse, Accessing Sources of Help, Knowing How to Report Abuse, and Prevention    
Kathy Greenlee
Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging,
Administrationfor Community Living, United States Department of Health and Human Services

October 17, 2011   Second Biennial Daniel Thursz Memorial Lecture
Social Justice for the Elderly & the Intergenerational Compact
Michael Reisch, PhD, MSW
Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor of Social Justice, University of Maryland, Baltimore

October 7, 2010   Second Biennial Bill Bechill Memorial Lecture
Caring for Tomorrow’s Elders 
George Taler, MD
Washington Hospital Center Medical House Call Program       

October 22, 2009   First Biennial Daniel Thursz Memorial Lecture
Recent Changes in Global Aging: From Social Development to Rights-Based Approaches
Irene Hoskins
President, International Federation on Ageing  

October 22, 2008   First Biennial Bill Bechill Memorial Lecture
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: What is Aging After All?
Gene Cohen, MD, PhD
George Washington University
.  Author: 
“The creative age: Awaking human potential in the second half of life” & “The mature mind: The positive power of the aging brain”

Presentations and Papers By Center Members

Benson, W. F. & Quinn, K. (2012, November).  The States' Elder Abuse Victim Services: A System Still in Search of Support. Generations: The Journal of the American Society on Aging, Fall 2012.  Access at'%20Elder%20Abuse%20Victim%20Services.pdf

Bension, W.F. & Quinn, K. (2012, October).  Federeal Responses Needed to Meet the Significant Challenges Facing Staten and Local Adult Protective Services.  White Paper Prepared for the Elder Justice Coordinating Council.  Access at

September 30, 2012   Evaluation of Adult Protective Services Best Practices
Texas Community Boards Report
Arizona APS-AAA Report
Philadelphia Project Report
Reports written by Laura Swett under a subcontract from the National Adult Protective Services Association’s 2011 – 2012 grant, National Adult Protective Services Resource Center, from the Administration on Aging, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.
June 12, 2009   

Meeting of the Board of Advisors to the Center on Global Aging
Is Prevention Key to Preventing an Aging Tsunami?
Remarks of William F. Benson
Chair, Board of Advisors to the Center on Global Aging

Awards to and Papers of NCSSS Students

2015 Best Paper Awards, October 8, 2015
The NCSSS Center on Global Aging's annual essay contest asked students in Law, Nursing, and Social Work to reflect on one of three prompts related to the growth of the aging population in America.  The essay took the form of a 750 word op-ed.  Prompts included reflecting on aging related programs, the low levels of professionals going into gerontology, and disparities in aging.  Congratulations to winners: Brian Connor, Julia Skellie, and Eva Weissmann.

2011 Best Paper Awards, October 27, 2011
The NCSSS Center on Global Aging’s second annual Best Aging Paper Award was presented to graduate Regina Tosca, in recognition of her advanced year scholarly paper that identifies specific aging services needs and gaps for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seniors. Her paper addresses the roles and responsibilities of social workers in healthcare settings in meeting the needs of this population. Mamiko Hada, a 2011-12 Advanced Year graduate student, received honorable mention, in recognition of developing a well-resourced paper, during her foundation year that addresses the important issue of elder abuse and neglect and roles and implications for the social work profession. 

2010 Best Paper Award, October 7, 2012
The NCSSS Center on Global Aging’s first annual Best Aging Paper Award was presented to graduate student Julie Brooks Noble, in recognition of her foundation year paper,
Attachment Processes in Nursing Facilities that Provide Dementia Care to Older Adults. Ms. Noble's paper was selected by the Center on Global Aging's Board of Advisors for its scholarly approach to a broad range of attachment issues facing nursing facility residents with dementia, their family and their professional caregivers.